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At JuicySuite, we understand the importance of providing merchants with flexible solutions to manage their membership programs. That's why we offer a comprehensive Membership Web and Plugin that can be used as a standalone member web or seamlessly integrated into existing platforms like Shopify or your own website. With our Membership Web and Plugin, you can effortlessly create a personalized and engaging membership experience for your customers.

Product Highlight

Seamlessly integrate membership features into your website & eShop

Easily enhance your website with our membership widget or plugin, allowing you to effortlessly manage memberships, access controls, and exclusive content for your users.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

We can provide a dedicated membership platform or integrate the plugin into your existing website. You can continue to improve the user experience without any pressure while retaining the functional advantages of the original website.

Easy Integration

With our Membership Plugin, you can effortlessly integrate your membership program into your existing Shopify store or website.


Our Membership Web and Plugin offer intuitive interfaces and robust management features, simplifying the process of managing member profiles, tracking activities, and delivering personalized benefits. Centralized dashboard, streamlined administrative tasks, and user-friendly web interface empower you to foster long-term customer loyalty with ease.

Increased Conversion and Sales

By integrating membership plugins into your Shopify store or website, you can help create a streamlined and frictionless experience for your customers. This can increase their willingness to return, build brand loyalty, and unlock additional revenue streams through exclusive content, member-only discounts, or subscription-based offerings.

Consistent Branding

Whether using the standalone Membership Web or integrating the Plugin, you can ensure a consistent brand presence across all customer touchpoints.

Greater Customer Insights

The Membership Web and Plugin offer robust analytics and reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Customizable Design

Showcase your brand image and introduce yourself to customers

A website is an electronic business card handed to guests. We can help you customize the design of your membership website or plug-in to match the visual image of your brand. Customize colors, fonts, logos, and layouts to create a beautiful and engaging brand impression for your members.

Benefits and Rewards

Easily create benefit campaigns and boost income

With our membership site and plugin, you can easily implement a seamless rewards redemption process for your members. Merchants can define and offer various rewards, such as discounts, free products, or exclusive experiences, which members can redeem directly through the platform. The website can well promote the company's benefits and incentive activities, attracting old and new customers to spend.

Integration with Existing Systems

Easily integrate into the system and increase functionality

Our website and plugins help you seamlessly connect your loyalty program with other business systems, such as a CRM or email marketing platform, to streamline operations and ensure a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. Through our plug-ins or websites, we can help you manage more easily and provide a better experience for your customers.

Seamless Integration, Limitless Possibilities

Seamlessly Integrate our Membership Web and Plugin for Unmatched Member Experiences and Business Growth"

59% of paid loyalty members being more likely to choose that brand over competitors.
Members of loyalty programs generate 12-18% more incremental revenue growth per year than non-members.
37% of consumers will spend more money with brands with which they have a retail subscription.
66% of consumers say the ability to earn rewards changes their spending behavior

We are trusted by the world's top companies


Your Guide to Understanding Our CRM Solutions

Can the Referral feature be integrated with our existing marketing channels?

Absolutely. The Referral feature can be easily integrated with your website, email marketing, social media, and other communication channels, making it easy for customers to share your program and invite their friends.

Can we use the Digital Stamp Card to incentivize specific customer behaviors?

Absolutely. The Digital Stamp Card can be configured to award stamps or points for a wide range of customer actions, from making purchases and sharing content to completing surveys and engaging with your brand on social media. This allows you to nudge and reinforce the behaviors that are most valuable to your business.

How can we leverage the Customer Segmentation feature to drive personalized product recommendations?

By integrating the Customer Segmentation feature with your product catalog and recommendation engine, you can deliver highly personalized product and content recommendations to your customers based on their unique preferences, purchase history, and loyalty status.

How can we use the Loyalty Missions Campaigns to drive specific business objectives?

The Loyalty Missions Campaigns can be tailored to support a wide range of business objectives, from increasing customer lifetime value and boosting average order value to driving foot traffic to your physical locations or promoting the adoption of new products or services.

How does the automated marketing feature work?

The Marketing Automation feature offers advanced automation capabilities, such as triggered workflows, predictive send-time optimization, and AI-powered content recommendations. This enables you to create highly personalized, contextual, and timely communications that drive customer engagement and loyalty.

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